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We provide leadership coaching and training services including:

- Individual Leadership Coaching
- Leadership Team Facilitation
- Coach Training & Support
- Leadership Preparation Course Development
- Customized Development Programs & Workshops 


7 Reasons for Leadership Developement & Consulting



1. Leadership and instruction are directly correlated with increased student achievement.

2. Coaching is the most effective way to improve and sustain performance of educational leaders.

3. Professional training followed up by coaching significantly increases implementation.

4. Leaders need feedback, free of judgment and evaluation, in order to learn and grow.

5. Self-directed and self-aware educators develop emotionally competent and confident students.

6. Leadership development & coaching are more economical than serial training and staffing issues.

7. Professionals from outside of the organization can provid support that is focused solely on
    achieving individual and organizational goals, unencumbered by internal pressures.

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